Honoring Trans Military: Sunday T-Dance

Events. At Rocks , 77 Central Avenue, Albany, NY. United states.

Sunday August 13 , 5:00pm


We stay together, Out of Many, (We are) one!! Join us at Rocks to show our Trans Military and our local Transgender Brothers and Sisters, that no matter what happens, we are here with you, for you, now and forever!!!


On behalf of All of Us we apologize for #45's ignorance!! We will help where we can to keep this complete discrimination and bigotry from happening!!! We All must work together!!!! E Ploribus Unum!!! (Out Of Many, One!!) Call to order Your Senator's and Congressmen, make your/our presence in this world know!!!! EQUALITY FOR ALL !!! Also REMIND them that WE are a BIG PART of "WE THE PEOPLE"!!!!!