Latino Men Often Attracted To Older White Males

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Latino Men Often Attracted To Older White Males

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After nearly three years of personal research and meeting for casual sexual encounters, Coach Scott ( concludes with certainty that if a person has even one-forth Latino heritage, it is likely that he has an attraction to older white males.
Coach Scott, A forty-five year old white male has spent thousands of hours within gay chat rooms, message boards and dating web sites.
Each day Coach Scott receives over twenty offers for a sexual connection. It is a quantifiable fact that over fifty percent of these requests are from Latino males. These men are currently married or describe themselves as straight and bisexual. Their desire to be will older white males is so great that they often engage in casual sexual encounters. Coach Scott has met with and engaged in sexual relations with over fifty Latino (Hispanic) males (age range of 19 and 30. ) All described themselves as Catholic, family oriented and disease free. All of the men Coach Scott encountered desired kissing, performing or receiving oral sex. Some desired receiving or performing anal sex.
The details of this research are found at the web site, The comments of this article are based entirely on the experience of Coach Scott and are intended as an observation of human behavior that requires additional research, analysis and debate.

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